Our Philosophy is reflected in our name CANVAS.

C – Creative Excellence – Creative and holistic development of the child.
A – Acceptance – Acceptance of child as the way he or she is.
N – Novelty – New and fresh methodologies to teach children.
V – Visual Impact – Visual and interactive communication with children.
A – Assurance – Assurance to parents that their children would learn and have fun in school.
S – Safety – Safe and Secure learning environment for children to grow.

Canvas is an exemplary preschool situated in multiple regions in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Delhi. We are proud to educate about 3000+ children varying from 18 months to 5.5 years of age. We take special care of each and every child, and create a path filled with fun and learning to help in your little ones’ transition to formal schooling.

Canvas has a close-knit staff whose only goal is your child’s positive growth. This group of lively people includes experienced teachers/mentors, grooming staff, subject experts, support staff and a central support team.

Using our collective experience, we have created a unique model which imparts all basic skills and the development your children needs in order to be a successful member of the society.

We believe schooling should be full of smiles and laughter and not quietness and boredom. We encourage our young ones to play, dance, sing, and have fun while they learn important lessons that can truly change their life.

We just don’t teach children; we create a unique environment, where children can explore life and the many fun adventures that happen every day.