Email Marketing

We are an innovative email service provider that offers email marketing at affordable prices. We offer a web-based email marketing application with everything you need to build, send and track your email campaigns. We have been providing email marketing services since 2009 and have a proven track record of providing leading brand services throughout the world.

It has a default reporting module that gives you detailed information about how many emails to open / read from which email ID, how many emails were returned due to invalid email id, and How many people (email id) chose to subscribe or activate Unsubscribe and which person (email id) actually clicked on your website link in your email. This will give you a full 360 degree view of your email marketing campaign. To support us as the best email marketing service provider / mass email marketing service provider / mass courier company and to ensure maximum delivery of incoming messages as quickly as possible. We use special IP address rotation technology and other anti-spam techniques to ensure maximum inbox delivery.

We send around 27 million emails per month on behalf of our customers. Our average delivery capacity is up to 1 million emails per day through our mass email marketing platform.

Bulk e-mail marketing:

As an email marketing company, we offer services since 2009. Our bulk email packages include all the features that are currently available in the industry. You can’t find all of these features together at an affordable price in other locations! We are an innovative mass e-mail delivery company focused on providing cost-effective business solutions to our customers. We also provide a built-in email template editor and real-time delivery reports from our bulk e-mail web application.

Why should you use our bulk email service for advertising and marketing activities?

The company is the most trusted email marketing service provider. We offer CREDIT and signature based packages (unlimited number of emails). With our credit packages and customers, we provide shipping rates up to 100% guaranteed at very low monthly rates. Credit Packages – Best suited for NOT database OPT-IN (not verified) or email campaigns to unknown recipients. Subscribe – Optimal for OPT-IN / Dual OPT-IN / Database Confirmed Email Send newsletters or recurring emails to the same (unlimited) email list