WhatsApp Marketing

We have found a new and better method of sending messages to send your message to a wider customer base. With Whatsapp’s VMR Message service, you can access a large database of thousands of clients simultaneously. Our service helps you send copywriting, video, audio and images.

Vestechnosoft is the best WhatsApp marketing service provider in Jaipur. WhatsApp Marketing The best way for cellular marketing. The WhatsAppJaipur Marketing Service manages text, image and video files so that every marketing campaign involves a WhatsAppmarketing campaign. SpaceEdge Technology is a global software marketing company for Whatsapp in Jaipur, India.

We would like to introduce WhatsApp mass marketing services in Jaipur with WhatsApp mass shipping software. You send messages directly to the recipient’s phone in Jaipur or around the world. This is different from email marketing. You can use SMS marketing services in Jaipur

At present, the growth and adoption of WhatsApp smart phone applications in India is 70%. WhatsApp has reached 1.5 billion active users worldwide. Instead of traditional 160-character text messages, WhatsApp Marketing allows users to send an unlimited number of characters to a message. This makes this BULK WHATSATPP SYSTEM PLATFORM an attractive alternative to conventional text marketing.